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Split Pots

OK, so two players have the same hand, what now ? The pot is split only in cases where the kicker does not apply or is not relevant. Where the best five cards are held by both players then the pot is split. The following are examples of Texas Holdem split pot situations:
Player 1 Player 2
Community Cards

The pot is split because both players have made a Jack high straight. Kickers do not apply because the best possible five card hand is the straight.
Player 1 Player 2
Community Cards

The pot is split because both players have made four of a kind 3's with an Ace kicker. If the Ace had been a Queen then Player 2 would have won. If the fifth card (the River card) had been a Seven then player 2 would still have won because the best possible 5 card hand is four of a kind 3s with a King Kicker. The question that should be asked about this example is why would Player 1 play the worst possible Texas Holdem Poker starting hand (2, 7 offsuit) ? Some players do play this hand, usually with the intention of bluffing. A successful bluff with 2, 7 offsuit subsequently shown to your opponent is almost certainly going to wind them up and send them on Tilt (annoyed players often play irrationally - the poker phrase for this is to say the player has gone on Tilt).

We do not recommend playing 2,7 offsuit. Even if Player 1 had played the above hand it is unlikely they would have made it to the river without folding as they could not expect a Seven high kicker to stand up before or after the turn in this situation.
Player 1 Player 2
Community Cards

The pot is always split in these situations unless one player can make a Flush (five cards of the same suit). Example three with this board would be a rather depressing outcome for both players who could be expected to bet this hand heavily. However a Community Board like this:

would be far worse for Player 1 who would lose to Player 2's Flush. A board such as this is likely to cost Player 1 a lot of money. An experienced player may or may not bet heavily before the flop but certainly would after it. This is because they would see the Flush possibility with 2 hearts out on the flop and would bet hard to run any potential 4 card to a Flush holders away. In this case Player 1 would match or raise that bet with his AA hole cards. The fourth card (or Turn card) would be a scare card for Player 1 and the fifth card (River card) would be awful as there would be a reasonable likelihood that Player 2 would hold any Heart.

It is worth noting Split Pot situations are not settled by the suit rank. In many card games the rank of each suit has importance. Suit rank plays no part in Texas Holdem Poker or for that matter any poker game.

Published on: 2004-10-26 (47410 reads)

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