How to use Texas Holdem Odds Calculators in Online play

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This article focuses on poker strategy and the practical use of odds calculators in the online game.

Hopefully if you are reading this then you are already aware of the advantages offered by online odds calculators. If not, then here is a summary recap:

1) Mathematical calculations are performed automatically and leave your available brainpower free to concentrate on other aspects of the game such as table position, bluffing, opponents’ playing style etc.

2) Accurate mathematics aids playing discipline. If you know that you are playing starting hands less than say 50 in rank, and can see that statistically you are likely to be behind chasing cards then you are less likely to do it!

3) Education – the basis of poor poker play is a lack of discipline, education and often both. Most players underestimate the complexity of the game and while experience is something that can only come with time and effort, learning the mathematics of the game through exposure to calculations in this way is undoubtedly beneficial to the quality of your own play.

Stop chasing cards! Card discipline is the first benefit any odds calculator is likely to bring to your game. Do you play starting hands such as A9? Do you realise that it has a hand rank of 72 out of 169? I am constantly amazed at the number of people who play rather than fold marginal hands like this, and this hand in particular is a killer because if you pair your Ace then you are probably still behind. Take a look at our member survey of this question survey19.htm to see how many people play this and many other marginal hands badly. Odds calculators can therefore point out your game weaknesses and help you stem losses in addition to highlight when you are likely to be ahead.

Understanding and accepting that Texas Holdem is a very complex game where even in its online form a deep understanding of your opponent playing style, the value of Table Position play, and knowledge of how and when to bluff are essential elements to success will lead you to conclude that removing the complex mathematics to an automated aid has to be beneficial to all of the other facets of the game that must be monitored.

Highlighting outs that you may have overlooked. Given the number of variables that have to be assessed in any particular hand it is very easy to overlook straights, flushes and other potential hands for either yourself or your opponents. Overlooking opportunities presented by your own cards will happen from time to time, but seeing what your opponents could have and understanding the statistical likelihood of them catching big hands is difficult on your own. Complex Poker Odds Calculators such as HoldemPokerCalc are able to detail opponent odds for up to 9 opponents holding 18 cards you cannot see.

It is important to realize that odds calculators in no way replace situational judgment calls which should be based on analysis of opponent betting, playing character, position and other tells in conjunction with the plain statistics available. The beauty of the game is the fact that you can catch miracle cards but so can your opponents. Players with slim odds can still win hands if they get lucky so statistical aids are indicative only and one part of a decision making strategy. There will always be the talked about bad beats and these will remain with you longer than the lucky outdraws. A good example of a situation that will not be covered by an odds calculator can be found in this fabulous poker video demonstrating the problem. Here is an example of a bad beat (the worst in televised poker history todate) where Daniel Negrano gets a hand that turns into his worst nightmare negrano bad beat Odds calculator or not both positive and negative variance will always occur and are an accepted part of the game.

Poker Odds calculators are then a useful aid to improve texas holdem game play. If you play the online game without one then you are either a professional level competent player or at a potential disadvantage to your opponents.

Graham Easton is the author of this article, the webmaster of and the owner of HoldemPokerCalc an odds calculator aimed at the online variant of texas holdem poker.

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