Howard Lederer

howard lederer Howard was first and foremost a chess player who graduated to poker in the backroom of a New York chess club. For several years he played nothing but poker logging eighty hours a week as a full time poker player. He seldom won.

From there he moved to the Mayfair Club in New York which became his regular game. Playing late nights followed up with lively discussion and exchange of poker strategy his game improved significantly. The improvement was such that Howard relocated to Las Vegas in 1993 to play full time cash games at any one of a multitude of Texas Holdem poker rooms across the town. By the time tournament Texas Holdem became popular through the WPT (a monthly event) he had well in excess of 10 years as a professional under his belt.

It is no surprise then to see that he is now the holder of 2 WPT titles, 3 Bellagio wins, a couple of WSOP bracelets and two Hall of Fame titles. Many believe Howard to be the most accomplished modern day player around, and a consistent winner on the poker circuit.

Nicknamed "the Professor" because of his commentary and poker camp, he can be found exclusively playing online poker at Full Tilt poker.

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Published on: 2005-10-08 (6606 reads)

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