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Feature Overview
Welcome Bonus: Up To $500
Playing Currency: US Dollars
Other Jackpots: Weekly Free Roll Giveaways ($1000/$2000), tournaments to win free entry in to the Poker Millions
Game Selection: Texas Holdem, 7Card Stud, Omaha High and Omaha High/Low, Stud 8 Or Better
Free Play: Yes
Customer Service: 24/7 Telephone (001 206 203 5004) or email
Best feature: Huge number of players online at once, tournaments begin every couple of minutes.

Games Offered

Recently revamped on a new player platform, Party Poker offers the usual Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-Card Stud, 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo, heads up and tournament play. Party Casino software is now fully integrated to their online poker platform under a single player account so switching play, or opening new gaming windows is seemless. Texas Holdem variants include no limit, pot limit, and limited play poker. Tournament play allows single table, multi table and competition tournaments. Satellite games take place throughout the week for the big weekly and monthly tournaments are the largest in the world.

Tournament Play

Party Poker is without doubt the best provider of Tournament Texas holdem poker games online today. The sheer number of registered users (discussed below) supports multiple tournament play 24 hours a day. Players can opt for Single Table, Multi Table or Satellite games to suit all budgets. Tournaments often don't have a start time (common across most other providers), the games start as soon as each table fills with players. At any time of the day or night I have not had to wait more than 2 minutes for a tournament to start.

Party Poker is the largest online poker provider and the benefits can be seen in the tournament arena. The current largest tournament guarantee anywhere can be found at Party Poker.

Limits & Rake

Table limits only go so far as to allow $100 No Limit games. This is middle ground for poker providers and probably represents a safe place for the poker room to position themselves. I am not a fan of unlimited buy-in No Limit games because they represent potential financial ruin for undisciplined new players, Party Poker have the balance just about right.

The rake at this site is pretty stock standard. The site uses standard 5 per cent capped at $3 for medium limit games. For lower limit games a max of $1 for $1/$2 games and 50 cents for $0.5/$1 games is taken out of the pot. However, this is only taken if the pot reaches $20 and $5 respectively. For higher limit games Party Poker offers pretty good value with significantly less than 5 per cent taken out of each pot.

Player Traffic

This is a poker room that always has in excess of thirty thousand live players day or night so there's never a shortage of poker people to take on. A must try poker room.


Party Poker was the worlds largest online poker room up to the point they pulled out of the USA market. I have seen 80000 players online playing but now the number is considerably less and they've stopped advertising how many are online. Party launched a new playing platform in October 2008 which offers a new table layout (old one remains for those who prefer it).

Software and Extra Features

Newly updated player platform offers graphics comparable with any online poker site. Additionally Party now have a single platform for all gaming enabling poker players to switch in and out of other casino games at Party Casino. Many die hard poker players won't use that functionality but recreational gamers may find it useful.

Overall connectivity was found to be excellent even on a 56k modem during peak play on a Saturday evening. Disconnects when they do occur are taken care of quickly with the software making repeated automatic attempts to reconnect with the server. Typically the games are first class here, with juicy average pots for all limits. It is common to see average pots for $3/$6 games over $40 and for $5/10 games over $70.

The software at Party Poker runs very smoothly and account download and setup could not be smoother. Examples of this are the ability to take player notes. A variety of bonuses are on offer but they are pointless in my view because no serious poker player or aspiring player should care about such gimmiks.

Customer Service

The Customer Service at this site has improved substantially of late due to an expanded call center of over 500 employees. I have found them to be first class and very professional. The online floor person is ready to assist your needs 24/7. Email and telephone support are also available.


Security is taken very seriously at The payment processing center uses the highest levels of data encryption. The Payment Processing Center uses 128 bit encryption to ensure the highest level of privacy and confidentiality of your data both to and from the online poker room.

Each account at is operated by these security measures:

1. Controlled access for Players only
2. Identity verification
3. Players must register using their true and legal identity.

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